Since 2007 we have been bringing you the Bay Area's first vegan organic donuts. We make them by hand everyday and use local & organic ingredients to make the best possible donut we can. We use the finest ingredients available to produce our donuts, and our whole line of donuts including raised donuts which we make for weekends and all toppings and components are certified Organic. If its IN or ON our donut, its Organic. That way you can be sure that all of our seasonal fruit flavors and toppings are pesticide residue free. 

Why organic?

A 100% organic bakery? Because we believe that access to healthy food is important to everybody. In our world there are a very few 100% organic bakeries, and its confusing to the consumer. We want to be a company that stands up for what we believe in, and use all certified organic ingredients. We are still one of only a very few 100% organic bakeries in the SF Bay Area. We work hard to bring a pure product to your local cafe, and we hope that you notice the difference and support our efforts to have a sustainable business that also provides healthcare to its employees.

No paper cups;

at our Donut Farm, please bring your own cup if you want to enjoy some of our great coffee to go. We have custom mugs for only $5 including coffee, but try participating in our community by bring a mug, mason jar, or glass. Similarly, you might bring a plate or container when purchasing food to go- although we do keep compostable/recyclable containers for to go food onsite.

We think that being radically green is important, and our staff is committed to that effort.

Do you ship donuts?

We do not ship donuts to people. We would love for you to try our donuts when you are next in the San Francisco bay area, or have a friend visiting bring you some! But shipping of baked goods; packaging, costs, jet fuel, etc. we see as non-sustainable for the future. We hope you understand.