Blueberry wins in SFweekly top 5

Mon, 06/15/2009 - 16:12 — donuteer

National donut day has come and gone again, but SFweekly writer John Birdsall had the great idea to do a best five of the San Francisco donut lineup. See the whole article right here. Our blueberry donut rates into the top 5! It should be no surprise when you take the best blueberries available and mix them into a cake donut, and cover that same donut with a thick glaze prepared from those same great organic blueberries. Its quite possible that we are "out of our minds" over here using such high quality ingredients. Organic flour, organic sugar, real maple syrup, organic shortening... What are we thinking? Quality, people... Quality.

 John states that our donuts were inspired by Voodoo out of Portland, but truth be known; my vision to make an organic-based cake donut was inspired by Seattle's Mighty-o donuts and Portland's Stumptown coffee. Two fine northwest establishments. I love the Stumptown atmosphere, and back in 2005 it was a real "head scratcher" to me that there were no vegan bakeries in the bay area...

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