Ingredients and Allergens

Ingredients (100% Organic) unbleached pastry flour, soy flour, water, canola oil, palm fruit oil, vanilla extract, flax seeds, non-gmo soy lecithin, baking powder, baking soda, kosher salt. Other Cake Flavors and Ingredients: organic poppy seeds, organic cocoa, organic blueberries, organic spices Toppings may contain: Organic: powdered sugar, tapioca flour, raspberry jam, blueberries, coconut milk, coconut, beet juice, cocoa powder, lemon juice, lemon zest, whole tangerines, figs, poppy seeds, cookies, sprinkles, cinnamon, pumpkin, apples, cherries, kaffir lime leaves, pineapple, orange juice concentrate, fair trade coffee,  vanilla extract, vanilla whole beans. Other: (not available organic) kaffir lime leaves, (vegan) bourbon.


All cake donuts contain wheat, soy. All raised donuts contain wheat. For highly nut allergic people: We do not recommend you consume our product.


Q:what kind of sweetener do you use?

A: Organic sugar. Cane juice organic sugar is never processed with bone-char, a concern for those following a vegan diet.

Q: Do you have a store where I can buy a dozen donuts?

A: Yes, we have two stores. One in San Francisco and one in Oakland. SF is open 7 days a week, Oakland is closed on Mondays.

Q: Are any of your donuts wheat free?

A: We are about to make some, any day now!

Q: Do you ship donuts?

A: Nope. See the "about" page for an explanation.

Q: Why did you change your name from Peoples to Pepples?

A: Because we thought that Pepples is a better name, and so after 3 years we changed it. We figured you might as well just do it and get it over with. Pepples is fun and cute, and we have a sporty new logo for it.

Q: can I make a special order?

A: for more than 4 dozen, yes. We also do corporate orders and catering. Please inquire through the website or call the Donut Farm.

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The name change from Peoples' to Pepples, good?:

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